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John C. in Greenville, SC

I was having an issue with my HVAC unit tripping the circuit breaker every few minutes. After an electrician tested all of the wiring and saw no issues, I called Primus to come check on the unit itself (which was less than 2 years old). Marc was able to come out first thing the next morning and look at the unit. He could find nothing wrong with the compressor or any other component. Not content to let the issue lie, he spent another 90 minutes diagnosing the problem, rechecking the unit and circuit board, even crawling around the attic to check the blower. All the while he was friendly, patient, and explained everything he was doing. He eventually realized the problem was indeed at the circuit breaker - several circuits were mislabeled and using an incorrect amperage (something the electrician should have caught?) He spent some time fixing everything and relabeling the circuit panel correctly. I am very happy with Primus and will definitely call them again for any heat/air needs!

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